Use HighLighter to get more insight and value from the data of your physical world

Powering assessment workflows with AI

Make detections in your data based on taxonomies
Measure what has been detected in your data
Predict outcomes using your historical data, user defined rules and causal computations
Use detections, measurements and predictions to initiate actions

Use HighLighter to
transform your analytical
processes with AI

HighLighter AI Assisted Diagnosis

HighLighter AI Automated Inspection

HighLighter Digital twin optimisation

Innovative organisations are already implementing HighLighter as their detection management system

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Utilities / Asset management

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Medical research and healthcare

Environment & Conservation

Engineering & Construction

Delivering Value

HighLighter is an AI powered platform helping you get more insight and value from the data of your physical world through Inspection and Diagnostics

Global Capabilities

Built for web or self hosting of all types and scale of projects, tailored for startups, enterprises, universities and research institutes

Built for Tech Teams

Used by technology and operations teams of all sizes across all industries as part of their digital transformation

Industry Leaders

Developed and supported by the team at Silverpond, a leading specialist Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning company 

HighLighter uses machine learning to unlock value in all types of data. It has application modules that detect and measure objects, predict outcomes and initiate appropriate action.

Implementation Services Support

Our objective is for you to have HighLighter deployed in production as a platform that contributes to your digital transformation and has valuable business outcomes. HighLighter is built and supported by Silverpond, a specialist Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning company. Silverpond’s HighLighter Product Managers can work with you on your HighLighter implementation and will tailor strategic and tactical support to the makeup of your business and  tech team capability.

Silverpond and your existing Tech Team

Silverpond and your Tech Team being built

Silverpond and your Limited Tech Team​

Silverpond where you have no Tech Team​

HighLighter ships with documented user guides and access to online support.

Drive value through the metered pricing of machine learning outputs

The HighLighter metered unit cost per machine learning task enables users to track costs and demonstrate ROI.

HighLighter is an industry agnostic AI powered platform that helps you get more insight and value from the data of your physical world through Inspection, Diagnosis, Auditing and Screening

Reporting and Quality Control

HighLighter reporting and quality control is designed for compliance, collaborative workflow, service monitoring across implementation, production and account management. HighLighter is built and designed to give you visibility and control of your AI activity, inputs and outputs.

Research log documentation
Labelling collaboration
Model evaluation Results
& design iteration

Data volume control
ROI monitoring

Usage and value

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HighLighter is an application suite for getting value from the data of your physical world through AI Inspection, Diagnosis, Auditing and Screening.

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