HighLighter in the real world

Asset inspection for utilities ​

Powercor and Silverpond worked together using HighLighter to supplement the regular inspection of their power poles.
We were also able to build on this work to audit of a type of insulator, and maps it’s location through the network. 

Industry: Utilities  
Data Source: Aerial images 

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Helping doctors treat disease ​

Macuject was founded to help increase efficiency in the treatment of eye diseases. Since working with HighLighter, the founders have found that they have the potential to impact safety as well. 

Industry: Medical  
Data Source: 3D OCT scans 

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Catching wildlife poachers

Silverpond used its tool HighLighter to train a deep learning model to recognise suspected poachers quickly by analysing video streams. Since implementation, detection rates have doubled.

Industry: Wildlife Conservation 
Data Source: Images from field cameras 

Reducing risk and cost of inspections

Silverpond used its tool HighLighter to train software to recognise building defects on 3D models of the building from drone collected data. 

Industry: Asset Inspection 
Data Source: 3D models of structures, generated from drone data 

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