HighLighter in the real world

Asset inspection for utilities

Powercor saw an opportunity to supplement the manual inspection process with AI-powered inspections using photos captured by aircraft.

Industry: Utilities

Data Source: Aerial images

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Helping doctors treat disease

The Macuject team needed a machine learning model to underpin their custom software that helps clinicians analyse the OCT scans and take the appropriate action.

Industry: Medical

Data Source: 3D OCT scans

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Utilising the full potential of smart meters

To help make sense of a data flood, CitiPower and Powercor enlisted data science experts at Silverpond.

Catching wildlife poachers

WPS partnered with Silverpond to implement a solution to automate the detection of illegal poaching in wildlife conservation parks across three continents.

Industry: Wildlife Conservation

Data Source: Images from field cameras

Reducing the cost and risk of inspections

In collaboration with Skand, we harnessed AI and 3D modelling to scale asset inspection analysis with fast, safe and consistent results.

Industry: Asset Inspection

Data Source: 3D models of structures, generated from drone data

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