Tailored strategic and tactical support

The Silverpond HighLighter Product Managers and specialist Data Science and Machine Learning Engineers input can include strategic and tactical support.

Silverpond Strategic Support

  • Identifying core objectives
  • Evaluating input data
  • Direction of the cross functional team
  • Deciding on key interfaces
  • Integrating the model and server infrastructure with existing software products
  • Tech stack design and decision making
  • Shipping the AI product and managing it post release
  • Ensuring all shipped features can be supported at scale

Silverpond Tactical Support

  • Discovery/Design incl. taxonomy and evaluation design
  • Data curation & collection
  • Labelling and labelling QA
  • Model Factory Development
  • Model Training
  • Evaluation / Error Analysis + Ops Feedback
  • Model Optimisation
  • Monitoring / Feedback
  • Deployment
  • Integration and Interface
  • Compute, Storage, Data Transfer set up and cost management

The end-to-end machine learning lifecycle

The implementation starts with understanding the business need, curating the necessary data and then planning and running the model training and evaluation to get a model that can then be deployed into production and start delivering you business value.

Deployment via web or self hosting

HighLighter integrates with client systems and third party cloud providers if required. It has a user friendly UI/UX, APIs, web hooks, documented user guides and access to online support.

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