Use Case

Catching wildlife poachers

AI catching wildlife poachers

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Protection Solutions

AI Technique
Computer vision trained on images sources from WPS field cameras

Motion detection cameras transmit images to the Wildlife Protection Solutions head office in real time where they are assessed by a team member for evidence of people, vehicles or poaching. This is a slow and labour intensive activity, prompting WPS to look for a solution to streamline the process. 

Silverpond used its tool HighLighter to train a deep learning model to recognise suspected poachers quickly by analysing video streams. 


  • Doubled detection rate (40% to 80%).
  • Seamless integration into existing system.
  • Two poachers captured and detained within first week of deployment.
  • Over 1 million inferences in the first year alone.

Detect Objects

Measure Them

Predict Outcomes

Act Decide

2 poachers captured in 1st week

Doubled the detection rate

Decreased human error