Use Case

Reducing the cost and risk of inspections

AI reducing the risk and cost
of building inspections

3D model of industrial building with defects identified
Close up of defects identified on industrial building
Skand software interface

Asset Management


AI Technique
Computer Vision on 3D models

Building inspections are labour intensive, costly and dangerous. Drones have been introduced to the process to address this but a person is still required to analyse the images.

Silverpond used its tool HighLighter to train software to recognise building defects on 3D models of the building from drone collected data.


  • Reduced the inspection costs from $0.35/metre to $0.07/metre.
  • Decreased inspection time by 70%.
  • Removed requirements for rooftop inspection by a person for over 600 buildings.
  • Increased the total coverage of a traditional inspection from 15% to 100% of the building’s surface area.

Detect Objects

Measure Them

Predict Outcomes

Act Decide

80% reduction in cost per meter

Increased coverage of inspection

Decrease inspection time by 70%